A Glimpse inside the mind of Charles Swan III

That title is a joke, really. The film puts a heavy reliance on fantasy sequences that are so exaggerated the “serious” break up at the heart is left miles behind. Charlie bitches about that bitch that left him…and cut to naked women in feather headdresses. That’s the movie.

Let’s get this compliment out of the way: Thank god for the production design as the static camera seldom compliments the mood of the dreadfully unrehearsed long dialogue heavy scenes and those fantasy bits (more in on those in a second). Charlie’s office space blooms with neon signs, lavish but garish furniture, and art work. Similarly, the costumes and particularly Schwartzman’s look is entertaining on their own without explanation. The lush-life look of the cast compliments the music with a familiar feeling of these people-existing in the ‘70’s-find more romanticism in past movements like swing and jazz than the present.

Anyways, back to the bad. I feel no pity for these one percent whiny schmucks whose problems are entirely mundane by drama standards and the stakes never rise above “we’re not making enough money”. The fantasies, too, are entirely uninteresting and misogynistic offering no greater “look” into Charlie’s mind than what most would predict: women are animals that prey upon men. To be fair, I did enjoy the many women running around in miniskirts, so, I guess that’s one point for Roman?

Thinking back there really wasn’t anything I enjoyed about the film. The cast is just winging it and yeah, break ups suck. You want a medal for that revelation? The cherry is an action by Charlie at the end that shows he’s learned nothing and this was never a story that would bring us closer to understanding how his (the character not Sheen) mind works.


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